An Experiment in Community Regeneration

What does it mean to say that Possible Bound Brook represents an experiment in community regeneration? Firstly, it means that we believe there is a possibility for Bound Brook to become a model for sustainable living for communities of its size and complexity everywhere. We recognize this complexity at several levels: the language and cultural … [Read more…]

Join the Bound Brook Civic Cooperative

The Bound Brook Civic Co-op is a cross between a civic association and a worker/investor cooperative. It’s designed to empower local leadership to create positive transformation in the community. Cooperatives are increasingly becoming the preferred model for local economic development — they’re democratically managed by their members, they serve the community, and they make a … [Read more…]

What We’re About

As Buckminster Fuller said, humanity is facing its final exam. We must reimagine our world as a possibility — what it could be, and what we need it to be.“ The mission of our nonprofit, the Center for Regenerative Community Solutions (CRCS), is creating thriving and resilient communities. We invite you to join us in this … [Read more…]