Join the Bound Brook Civic Cooperative

The Bound Brook Civic Co-op is a cross between a civic association and a worker/investor cooperative. It’s designed to empower local leadership to create positive transformation in the community. Cooperatives are increasingly becoming the preferred model for local economic development — they’re democratically managed by their members, they serve the community, and they make a profit for their investors. They’re less risky than private small business startups, and have much better odds of success.

We are offering to provide nonprofit fiscal sponsorship for cooperative efforts until they’re ready to become established as independent enterprises and run their own operations completely. If you’re interested in being one of the first to join in Bound Brook, whether you’re from the borough or from South Bound Brook, Green Brook, Bridgewater, or other adjacent communities in central New Jersey, we invited you to contact us. For further information please download the flyer or read it online below.

Download: BBCivicCo-op-AnOpportunitytoShapeOurFuture

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