Possible Planet

Part of our work is at the local level, but we also work at the global level, and we invite you to join us in this activity. We’re currently creating several international initiatives at www.PossiblePlanet.org [under construction], and offer a brief description here. If you’d like get involved at this level, please contact us.

We know that most people are concerned about climate disruption, endangered species, pollution, toxic wastes, and other environmental problems. But they’re also are not sure what they, as individuals, can do about them. Our initiatives offer a unique and interrelated set of regenerative community solutionsappropriate solutions that are available at a number of different levels, as suggested in the diagram below:

Earlier this year, we wrote:

We are proposing to work with one or two towns in New Jersey on their revitalization and self-renewal. Culture actually holds the key to greater local resilience, alongside the physical transformation of communities into eco-communities. And organization is what’s needed to transform culture. We are planning to create “civic cooperatives” that will lead these communities into a positive self-generating future. Many communities are today experiencing decline, or struggling to ignite a self-renewal, within the broader context of the need for a world that shifts carbon from the atmosphere back into the soil. The cooperative model has proven itself to be more enduring, more beneficial, and often more valuable to communities than the conventional marketplace business model.

What makes this possible, we added, is that we have a number of tools with which we can assist groups in organizing their communities with more sustainable development.

The most important of these is what we think of as our Regenerative Financing toolbox:

  • NJPACE, our flagship Property Assessed Clean Energy program
  • DREAM Financing, Deed-related Resiliency and Energy Alternative Mortgage
  • Other clean energy and resiliency financing methods
  • Community and real-estate development cooperatives

Together, these innovations fulfill our goal of bringing financial resources to communities and groups to enable transformational change.

At the community level, we invite you to learn about and join our major sponsored programs, Ecovillage New Jersey and the new Ecovillagers Alliance. And at the neighborhood level, we’re looking to build Regenerative Cohousing and local cooperatives for clean energy, local food, and local economic development. If you’d like to know more, please contact us at team@possibleboundbrook.org. Thanks!