Who We Are

“We” are Team Possible Bound Brook, a project of CRCS— the Center for Regenerative Community Solutions. an innovative NJ-based 501(c)(3), dedicated to assisting communities to become more resilient, more sustainable, and more prosperous.

Here’s the story of how we  got involved. And how we’re inviting you to:

  • Join us in this initiative, by joining our email list and possibly other venues, such as a meetup group and Facebook community page (maybe: we’re looking for volunteers to work on these with us).
  • We’re creating a Civic Cooperative, and we want you to become a member of it.
  • We’re inviting proposals for other initiatives and improvements, some of which we are able to provide financing for.

Finally, our sponsors make it possible to serve you; please support them, and let them know we referred you.

Rezwan Razani

Possible Bound Brook was initiated by CRCS in response to a request to help lower the town’s carbon footprint. About a year ago we met Rezwan Razani, the founder of Footprint to Wings and creator of a “game” called The Race to Zero Carbon, at an event where the town issued an official Proclamation joining the Race. Members of the Borough Council invited us to do a presentation on how a significant reduction in carbon emissions could actually be achieved by the town, and we subsequently made a number of suggestions, some of which are presented here.

Here’s a visual overview of our current proposals.

Some of these will be detailed further on this site. Specifically to date (June 2017), along with two volunteers from Costa Rica, and a generous contribution from the Promenade Boulevard Home Depot, we have initiated an urban agriculture project with Bound Brook High School (as described elsewhere on this site).

Possible Bound Brook is part of “a possible New Jersey,” which is in turn created within the framework of “a possible planet.” A Possible Planet is the name of the book (and PossiblePlanet.org the web site) we’re writing to support this and other projects and to set out a glimpse of the future we are all living into. You can follow our progress, and connect with us through this web site, the meetups, and more.

Jonathan Cloud, Cofounder & Executive Director

So welcome to Possible Bound Brook, an initiative of CRCS, the Center for Regenerative Community Solutions, a NJ-based 501(c)(3) working to support local communities in becoming more resilient in the face of global climate disruption, socially and economically as well as physically, through regenerative design and development at the community level.

Victoria Zelin, Co-founder & Director of Development

We work with community leaders, outside experts, knowledgeable volunteers, and local business people to create a more regenerative community, which is to say one that is more self-sufficient, more ecologically sustainable, and more uplifting for its citizens.

Gustav Escher III, Co-founder & Director of Finance







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